Craft = substance + style

When something’s done well,
you don’t mess with it.


That’s the belief behind our Philips Fidelio sound signature. The spacious, crisp and, above all, natural tuning that links each Fidelio product. From our earbuds to our soundbars.

Because we think that, whatever you listen to, you should be able to enjoy it just as the artists, musicians, and engineers hoped you would.

Our most advanced noise cancelling technology. Dual drivers, delivering Philips Fidelio’s signature warmth and precision. Multipoint pairing. Smart voice detection. A cool to the touch metal finish. And a charging case, stamped with Muirhead leather. Because the things you use the most, should be the most special.




Sure, exercise is great for you. But lugging yourself out of bed to brave a knee-grinding, finger-numbing, lung-aching, back-soaking workout – that takes grit.

So, the fact that you got up today, pulled on your trainers and fired up a playlist to do it anyway - that makes you kind of a big deal.

Even the really good ones.

Sports headphones for everyday athletes.

- Jacob Collier

“There’s a funky feeling in my bones, in my bones I got that funky feeling.”


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